Friday, September 4, 2009

Conn and Mass

So MA and CT. I don't really have many pictures because it was almost always raining. Most of Mass was pretty much under water.

When we had a nice day here and there this is pretty much what I did most of the time. Just lay around. Mass had all this marble, which was pretty hazardous when wet.

When we were in Mass Walrus, Paradise, Blondie, Wildbill, myself and this section hiker Swelly were attacked by cows. Really cows. basically the cows surrounded us; Walrus fell down; Paradise ran away with Bill.

Soares riding in the back of a pick-up.

I just noticed the face in the bottom left corner. haha. That lady sucked. She just kept talking about how stupid we were for thru-hiking.

Like I said it rained a lot. You can see how high the water is here. Much of the trail goes along the edges of rivers so when the water is this high things can get tricky. A local kid actually died swimming this just a day or two before.

CT was super short, but what I remember is hangin with a ton of people and having a pot luck dinner at a shelter. I brought pie.
Also everybody that didn't already have Lyme's got it here. This is where Hungry got her Bell's Paulsy from Lyme. We made fun of her a lot and she eventually got better. We never stopped making fun of her though.

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  1. That water looks so, so scary. I can't even imagine having to think about crossing that!