Monday, August 31, 2009


Vermont. The good old Green Mountain state. Vermont sure lived up to the name. It was just layers and layers of greens. Mixed hardwoods, coniferous forests with layers of moss upon moss all on top of each other. With the occasional splashes of flowers. All mixed in with the stickiest mud overflowing shin deep with moose poop.

I hiked most of VT with Hungry. Here she is waiting on the sunset in the firetower just north of Bennington.

It rained pretty much 90% of the time I spent in VT. The other 10% was between storms.

If you didn't know already you can click on these pictures to see them in full resolution.

I don't remember there being this many flowers in VT, but I guess there was plenty because thats what most of my VT pictures are.

Dude and Hungry making themselves at home in the Bromley warming hut during a storm after we spent all day in Manchester Center hangin in town.

I had good weather up on Whiterocks, and it looks like I missed the wet weather just by a few hours. Clouds closing around the peak.

I don't know what hardly any of these flowers are. If you do feel free to comment and help a guy out.

Vermont was the start of all the amazing beaver ponds that are everywhere up in the northeast. I never did see any beaver though.

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  1. so the flowers: 1. don't know 2. joe pye weed 3.mullen 4. field 5.lupine 6.rudbeckia 7.might be borage 7.don't know but its a kind of aster 8.can't tell 9. day lilly