Thursday, August 20, 2009


Throwing this up online so I have a place to share pictures for everyone. I hope to eventually have all the good pictures from my AT thru-hike up here in one location.

I think I'll start in reverse with the ending and work my way back.

The backside of Katahdin from the Knifes edge. You can see the knife's edge off to the left.

Thats the Knife's edge as seen from Baxter Peak on Mt Katahdin.

I carried a pint of George Dickel Tennessee Whisky the whole trip. A sip at every state line and eventful point (such as the Mason-Dixon). 2 sips left on Katahdin: 1 for me and 1 poured out for all my homies (like Honey Do, Mullet and more) that never got to see the end.

Blondie reflecting on the last moments.

Early morning from Baxter Peak.

Sunrise poking over Baxter peak just as Blondie and I hit the Table Land. We started towards the summit at 2.45am to catch a view like this one.

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  1. Now that you almost have all the pictures up, you can read through in chronological order. It's nice. I got teary eyed on the last few pictures! You pouring out dickel and the shot of blondie. reflecting.