Sunday, September 20, 2009

PA part one

PA lots of loves and hates for this state. Don't ever order country fried steak in PA. Everyone whines about the rocks in PA, but for the most part its not any worse than VA, and MD. The big boulder fields are fun terrain anyway. The only killer is the last 50 miles or so. Nothing real bad. Section hikers just tend to whine a lot.

These guys were everywhere and an incredible pain in the ass to walk through them hanging from branches all day long.

PA is where the Mountain Laurel started coming in, even though it really wasn't in full bloom until NY.

I don't know why, but turkey vultures are some of my favorite birds. I cam across a bunch near bear rocks, but most flew off when I wasn't so sneaky trying to get a picture.

I camped right in the woods next to this power line. I caught a sunset, and had the biggest fire of the whole trip. I was all alone. It was pretty sweet.

I had my first real bad day this day. I was super pissed about a poorly marked side trail and was out of food, then I ran into Blondie, Topo, Outloud, Mosey and Stink and all was well. This is the day I met Stink and here he is on the old AT near Lehigh Gap.

This is the old AT the trail has been relocated down below the tree line a bit. This is actually a government Super Fund site because an old Plant in the valley put out so much pollution it destroyed all the vegetation on the top of the mountain. Of course they agreed to help clean it up decades ago and nobody has done anything about it.
It was pretty amazing and unreal. Like walking in a desert on the moon.

Dude, Soares, Blondie, Hungry, Myself, Stunned Mullet (being rather sick) Nexus, Spammy, Paradise, Walrus, The Boss and Santa's Helper. (left to right)

A big part of the crew hanging out in Delaware Water Gap. Which one was of the best towns on the trail. This is outside the shelter in the back of the church which also had a hostel in the basement. We watched a movie on a big screen in the outfitter's back yard next to a brook. The bakery in town rules and has an "All American" special of a hot dog and a slice of apple pie for $1.25. I had their strawberry shortcake sundae for breakfast one day and it ruled.

More PA pictures in a few days.

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