Tuesday, September 8, 2009

NY part 1

When I think of NY I think of rain, Mountain Laurel, Harriman State Park, brown water, and rock scrambles in the cold rain. But whenever the seemingly endless rain was getting you down the trail would provide you with a warm dry place to sleep, with hot food and friends. Or maybe just a few hours of sun in the afternoon to lift your spirits when they're most down.
I set out on this hike because I like the outdoors. I was totally unprepared for what it became. Making amazing friends, getting into adventure, meeting new kind people everyday. I never even thought that people would invite you into their homes for hot showers, hot food and maybe some baseball on tv.
I live in east TN so I can go outside in the mountains pretty much whenever I can, but what I miss is the people.

Crossing the Hudson near Bear Mtn NY. This is the lowest elevation of the entire trail.

Playtime. Blondie and Hatchet going bowling with Soares. We played so many games at the friary. Such a awesome night with great people. Playing is the best.

The trail comes out on Stormville MT Rd/Old Stormville mt rd. Then turn left on Stormville mt rd and go to the intersection of Stormville mt rd and Stormville mt road/Old Stormville mt rd and turn right. Its really quite simple.

Swimming in Nuclear Lake. We still don't have any superpowers. Well, maybe Stink does. I did a belly flop and it was marvelous.

Thats a big oak, guy.


Next entry soon. Full of Mtn Laurel, flowers and beautiful NJ.

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