Monday, December 14, 2009

NC to the Smokies

North Carolina. The second state and the first border to cross. Mentally its nice because you feel like you're making progress early on. It only takes a few days to get here. I think its around 70 miles of trail in GA if I remember right. You're barely getting in the swing of things and you still have a lot to figure out.

The state line is actually marked. One of maybe 3 or 4 state lines marked on the entire trail.

Good morning. Early on in the trail I would get up around dawn and start walking. I love this time of day and wish I had the discipline to do it later on in the trip, but at the same time I'm glad I stopped hiking with people that used alarm clocks. I don't like feeling like you have to do anything on the trail other than enjoy yourself and do whatever you want. Schedules and routines take the fun and freedom out of life.
Your body gets used to going to bed a little after dark and you naturally wake up around dawn after a week or so anyway. So alarms be damned.

Next up I'll throw the GA pictures online. Then I can get this AT business behind me and out of my mind. I'll hopefully keep this blog up though. I have plenty of other trips to recap and hopefully I'll keep finding excuses and new stuff to go find.

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