Tuesday, November 10, 2009

north of GSMNP to Hot Springs

I've been slacking on this. I guess since I'm getting to the end of my pictures pretty soon. And I really don't think about the trail that much anymore.

Max Patch Bald, NC.

Jon and I met up with Mullet on our last night in GSMNP. I remember stopping early that day and collecting a bunch of firewood so we could have a fire that night for when people started showing up. I know how nice it is to come in out of the rain to a warm fire and I like to stop early. It ended up being a great group that night.
We hit Max Patch on a rainy day and somehow it stopped raining right before we got there and started up again right after we cleared the bald. Unfortunately for Mullet he stopped to do dishes and missed out on the clear moment.
I like overcast mornings when you're high enough to be below the clouds and above the fog.

Mullet relaxing and eating with us at a semi-crowded campsite.

Nice shoes, piano-boy.

Hot Springs, NC is a sweet little town on the trail. We ran into Jerry at the Dollar General and he suggested we stay at Elmer's place. It was definitely a highlight of the trail. Its a sweet old b&b with lots of music history. The food there is all vegetarian and homegrown on the all organic farm nearby. Plus one of the best breakfasts on the trail. Which is saying a lot because there are tons of amazing places to get breakfast along the way.

Like I said Elmer's place has a rich history in folk music and they have an entire music room set aside. After dinner Mullet played piano and sang a bit. Here is Stunned Mullet, Intents, and Jon hanging out in the cold room.

Wren tried to teach Mullet a Laura Gibson song. Then they tried to figure out some folk song from one of the books.

Jon outside of the Sunnybank Inn (aka Elmer's place). They had a great library here and awesome atmosphere. I met a lot of good friends in Hot Springs. I met Honey Do at the Inn and met Stunned Mullet in the laundromat. Little did I know how good of friends they'd become.

Rock cairns along the river leaving Hot Springs.

Me looking back on the town.

Jon found cigarettes. Mullet was self concious about the shoes he bought at the Dollar General.

The Nelson's house for some of the best trail magic in the south. Waffles, pork stew, brownie fudge sundaes, banana splits, root beer floats, etc... best thing to find in the morning after a crummy breakfast of poptarts.

Smokies in the next entry.


  1. It is ok to be jealous of my pink kicks. Love the pics. Is the trail blog officially complete?

  2. I still have probably two posts of the AT left. NC and GA. I plan on updating from time to time with other hiking adventures. I'm in the long process of trying to hike every mile of the Smokies. There is around 800 miles of trail in the park and I have done just a little of 10% and only get out for a day hike maybe once a month right now.