Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome Back Old Friends

That smell of fresh spring rain. The smell of flowers budding and blossoming. The smell of Spring. The smell of the new outpouring of life. The brief commotion of spring. Everything is fighting to find its perfect place. Bursting forth of its colors and odors to attract its pollinator. Everything in perfect timing. Flowering maybe only a day, maybe only a few hours to find its partner. Ecosystems existing only for a brief few days of the life cycle of the flower and insect before it sits and waits for the next few days the following year. Such a perfect balance and dance of life. 

Lousewort. One of my all time favorites. I probably have a dozen or more photos of Lousewort on my blog, but I will continue to post them.

Vasey's Trillium


I believe this is Smooth Rock Cress, but could be totally wrong on that.

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