Saturday, August 27, 2011

Whatchu got in that bag?

I'm a gear guy. I value when my pack or something in it makes my time outside more enjoyable. But I have always purposely avoided talking about gear on this blog. There are plenty of bloggers out there that review fun junk made for you to carry. I find this can sometimes come off as materialistic and turn me off. Its a fine line and there will always be those people that care more about getting the gear than getting outside. Its neither good nor bad. I don't really read gear blogs and I have no intentions of turning this into one. I love reading about people's experiences and seeing photos of other parts of the world or sometimes seeing an outsider's point of view on a visit to the mountains on my corner of the Earth.

That being said I made a little crummy video of what I carried with me on my last trip (which I wrote a bit about in my previous entry). I had a baseweight of a little under 5 lbs. I ditched the stove and fuel in favor of carrying a book, which I fortunately was enjoying my time too much to read. A good idea on what you can get by with on a summer trip in the 4,000-6,000ft elevations of the NC/TN state line.

Untitled from Patrick S on Vimeo.

My camera can sure take nice photos, but awful videos. Plus lack of skills make it less than great.

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  1. Guess that I will not be going on a hike real soon. The only thing that I own out of all that gear is a pen. But then, after I watched your Walking in Maine video NOT being on a trail is fine by me!